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Dental Floss is the finest tool we have to clean between teeth. Toothbrushes cannot reach between the tight. contacts of a child's back teeth. We, therefore, recommend that parents floss between their children's teeth. By the age of 10, children are generally able to floss by themselves.

Flossing Wands

To ease in the flossing procedure, there have been several innovative tools that have been invented. Among the easiest to use are the different varieties of flossing wands.

How to Floss

  1. Use an adequate amount of floss – generally between 15 – 18 inches.
  2. Guide the floss gently between the teeth and see-saw through the contact.
  3. Once it is through the contact, gently slide the floss along the sides of both teeth.
  4. When flossing go in a predictable order. For example, start on the upper right, go entirely around the upper arch and then move to the bottom and go in order on that arch as well.

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